What is the minimum number of guests required at a wedding?2021-06-12T11:51:49+10:00

For a wedding to be considered legal in Australia the ceremony must be attended by 2 witnesses of your choosing over the ages of 18. They can be anyone you choose, regardless of relationship or country of birth. They must however be able to speak and understand English, or a translator must accompany them.

Are we required to complete paperwork prior to the ceremony?2021-06-11T20:52:02+10:00

Yes, the Notice of Intended Marriage form must be completed and signed no less than 30 days prior to your ceremony. Usually I meet with my couples and complete this form in person, however if this isn’t possible I can talk you through the process of completing the form from afar, having it signed by an authorised witness and posting the original to me, so that I receive it no less than 30 days prior to the ceremony. I’ve assisted couples many times in the past living interstate and overseas.

Do you have a good sound system for playing music as well as a microphone?2021-06-12T11:46:01+10:00

Yes, I’m more than happy to bring my PA (portable amplifier) to all of my ceremonies. My PA doesn’t require power so it’s great for beach and bush weddings for example. You’re more than welcome to invite a guest to control the music for your ceremony on any device of your choosing the plugs directly into my PA.

Do you suggest a rehearsal?2021-06-12T10:34:42+10:00
Yes, either in person or via phone (if the wedding is outside Port Macquarie). I firmly believe rehearsals make the aisle ceremonies in particular look professional if we’ve had a practice. It also helps to alleviate nerves!
Suggested Order of Ceremony2021-06-12T12:04:29+10:00
  • Processional (Down The Aisle)
  • Welcome
  • Optional Asking Of Parents Blessing
  • Margo’s Address
  • Optional 1st Reading
  • Compulsory Laws Of Australia
  • Compulsory Vows
  • Ring Exchanges
  • Pause To Sign The Marriage Register
  • Optional 2nd Reading
  • Optional Alternative Ritual (Eg. Hand Fasting Or Sand Ceremony)!
  • Optional Blended Family Acknowledgement
  • Conclusion
  • The Asking
  • Acknowledgement Of Husband And Wife
  • Kiss The Bride!!
Documentation Needed to Lodge a Wedding2021-06-12T11:55:10+10:00

For a wedding to be legally valid in Australia a Notice of Intended Marriage form must be completed, signed and witnessed by me (or an authorised person and received by me) a minimum of 30 days prior to your wedding.

The documents needed to complete the form include both your birth certificates. These certificates need to be originals or original extracts – a certified copy cannot be accepted. If you or your partner have been married before, your divorce papers are also needed. I would suggest that you locate these papers early, so that you’ve plenty of time to apply for new papers if you find that you’ve misplaced them.

The easiest way to complete this form is during our interview session so I can guide you through it. You can, however, download a form from the Birth Death and Marriages website. If you are unable to make it to Port Macquarie to sign in my presence, there is a list of people who have the authority to witness your signatures. For example a solicitor, barrister, police officer or medical practitioner. This form then needs to be sent to me so that I receive it no later than a minimum of 30 days prior to your wedding.

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