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Flagstaff Lookout

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Flagstaff Lookout

Flagstaff Lookout is the perfect venue for intimate weddings. Nestled between Port Macquarie’s main Town Beach and Oxley Beach, the panoramic view from Flagstaff makes the perfect backdrop for a small wedding any time of the year. It is well protected by surrounding bush to be less windy than most coastal venues, and surprisingly secluded from the general public by and large.


Flagstaff Lookout Wide Decking Area suitable for smaller weddings.

Flagstaff Lookout’s wide decking area is suitable for smaller weddings, and is an ideal location for parties under 30 guests.


Flagstaff Lookout Steps - Difficult for Elderly & Disabled guests.

Flagstaff Lookout has quite a few steps at a steep incline up to the deck. It may prove too difficult for many elderly and disabled guests. However, once at the top the you’ll feel like the breathtaking views make the challenging steep ascent all worthwhile.