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Your Civil Wedding Ceremony

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    Most weddings in Australia are performed by civil celebrants. In 2012, 72% of Australian weddings were civil ceremonies, and have outnumbered religious ceremonies since 1999. Listed below are points to consider prior to your wedding to ensure your ceremony is unique and reflects you and your partner.

  • I believe your celebrant is the first thing to consider – unlike flowers or cakes for example, I can only perform one ceremony at a time. A clever and experienced celebrant can really make a difference to ensure your ceremony is one to cherish forever.
  • Your venue – there are many beautiful choices, from headlands and beaches, bush settings to intimate backyard ceremonies. Will your venue cater for all your guests, such as the elderly and children? Does it provide the backdrop you’ve always dreamt of? Does the space need to be booked through your local Council? In Port Macquarie you can do this at
  • What is your wet weather alternative?
  • What time are you planning your ceremony? Have you left enough time to capture all the photographs you would like?
  • Do you need to contact a wedding hire company – for chairs, decorations or perhaps a carpet?
  • Would you like your father to walk you down the aisle? Or a significant other? Would you like me to acknowledge and thank them?
  • What would you like to do in regards to music? One option is to compile playlists on your iPod/iPad/iPhone and connect it to my portable amplifier. I can talk you through this process.
  • Your vows – would you like to write your own? Remember vows are compulsory in Australia, so you need to check what words are necessary to make them legally correct.
  • Ring exchanges – what words would you like to say to your partner as you place their wedding band on? Who would you like to hold the rings for you?
  • Would you like to include a reading or 2 as part of your ceremony? Who would you like to read?
  • Would you like me to bring the signing table, chairs, cloth and silver pen with stand?
  • Who would you like to be your official witnesses to the marriage? Each of you need to provide 1 witness and the only pre-requisite is that they need to be over 18 years of age.
  • Are you planning on changing your surname to that of your partners? As a courtesy service I can make the changes for you at cost.
  • If you have children, would you like them to be a part of the ceremony or perhaps just mentioned?
  • Has a close friend or relative passed away and you would like to honour them? There are various ways to do this.
  • Would you like to include any alternative rituals as part of your ceremony? I have experience with a variety of options.
  • Would you like a rehearsal the afternoon before the wedding?